Professional Services

Over 35 years Experience




For the individual, family or Investor the purchase of a property is the most significant item of expenditure they will make in their lifetime.   Paradigm can carry out a Building Survey. This is a detailed inspection of each of the external and internal elements of a property, We prepare and issue a comprehensive, clearly written and easily understood report. The report includes photographs of particular issues of concern as well as advice. We provide extensive post-survey support by telephone and/or email so you will be fully informed, usually within 72 hours about the purchase. Our Professional advice enables you to make a well-informed purchase commitment. Our surveyor can meet at the property to discuss our findings at no extra charge within the course of the inspection process. Paradigm offers personal and individual services compliant to your needs.


Land and Property disputes can arise over many issues. Boundary disputes, Building Maintenance, Defective construction. Paradigm has expertise in all fields of building, construction, land issues and property law. Experience and Knowledge enables us to advise on many legal issues and disputes. We can handle all aspects of Party Wall matters, drafting Party Wall Agreements and determining boundary disputes, building contractor disputes etc.

With an excellent understanding of the property market Paradigm can undertake property valuations for Insurance, Probate, Litigation or Actuarial disputes.


Paradigm have a Team of Architects who can develop your ideas from a sketch proposal into reality. Planning and visual concepts require Planning Advice. Paradigm have assisted clients on all planning matters from domestic extensions to full-scale Commercial Building Projects. Paradigm offer a consultancy service with architectural and design consultants. We can submit simple or detailed planning applications, ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements. We deal with all aspects of Planning Legislation and Building Regulations.

We can be as involved in the project as the client needs us to be and we extend those services with a Project Management Team who work with you to create your project from concept to completion.